Breakfast lunch and dessert

All our favorite banana bread recipes combined. Besides (banana bread) recipes to bake yourself, we'll share a shit load of recipes using Sunt products as the main ingredient that will seriously surprise you.

Banana bread, for example; is ideal as a base for spreading & topping. And did you know that it's also the perfect base for desserts and other snacks? How about banana bread recipes for French toast or granola? Only thing you'll need to do first is to score a loaf of SUNT banana bread at any of our points of sale.

More recipes

To make those awesome recipes with banana bread, you'll obviously need one first. With 700+ Albert Heijn locations & many COOP stores, there is always a point of sale near you. And if that's not the case for you, then you can simply get one at PICNIC, on or on the SUNT webshop.

From the thousands of banana bread recipes, we have listed our favorites for you. The best banana bread recipe is of course the one of SUNT banana bread, but there are plenty of others that come close ;-). Just for when you want something special or extraordinary, for example. If you ask us, our banana bread is the ideal base for tasty brunch-, snack- or breakfast recipes. How about banana bread recipes for breakfast approved cakes, grilled banana bread or banana bread sandwiches.. Doesn't sound half bad, does it?!