Change the game or remain the same

What if you could make a positive impact on the world with minimum effort? Just by what you put on your shopping list. No tree hugging required, but simply making a change with every bite you take? With that idea SUNT was originated, and our mission was born to no longer have bananas go to waste unneccessarily, to make the food industry more sustainable and to innovate the bakery department. Because a food industry where combating waste is a luxury and food waste is the norm, truly belongs to the past.

That's bananas!

The banana is the most wasted fruit worldwide. To us, this iconic fruit was the perfect start of a revolution. Of the 100 million tons of bananas cultivated, around 50 billion kilos are wasted worldwide throughout the chain. And we're not just talking about bananas that are too small, too crooked or too large. Even green, yellow and single bananas are unnecessarily wasted. That's why we use exactly those bananas to make the tastiest and healthiest food products. Because with a simple choice on your shopping list, and with every bite you take, you can make a serious difference.

The Banana factory

Beginning 2022, we are opening our very own (and world's first) Banana Factory, where we will tackle the banana waste closer to home. In our Banana Factory we will process the otherwise wasted bananas in European ports by turning them into no-waste bananapuree for our own and others' products. That's how we're not only making the bakery departments more sustainable, but even the entire European bananapuree market (yup, that's a pretty big market too).

How we change the game


A chain without a weakest link

by tackling waste throughout the chain we are lowering the costs for banana importers, are diminishing the impact on our climate and are improving the position of banana growers.


Using the trash can, for nothing other than what it's meant for

with a healthy dose of courage, but without hugging trees, we are challenging the food industry to trash their outdated way of thinking.


Food from the present for a better future

we believe that having to make a choice between food that's healthy, delicous OR good for the environment, belongs to a past era.

From kitchen to super market

What started of as a great deal for free leftover bananas from a small local super market to bake banana bread, developed into a mission to let no banana worldwide go to waste unnecessarily, to make the food industry more sustainable and to innovate the bakery department.

Wanna Change the game?

Join our team!

Does a good dose of pioneering at a fast-growing start-up sound like music to your ears and do you want to do something besides (banana) bread on the shelf that really makes an impact every day? Check our vacancies

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