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5 x banana bread breakfast ideas

Breakfast for the win

Let’s be honest: getting out of bed in the morning can be hard, harder than we would like to admit. You will not be the first that snoozes their alarm for too long and skips their morning routine bit by bit. Yet it is so important to allow yourself time for a good breakfast, because it gives you so much energy (and concentration!) for the rest of the day.

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5 x banana bread breakfast ideas

1. French toast from banana bread with fresh strawberries

This first banana bread breakfast recipe is so delicious that you would just wish for an extra day a week. For us, this is such a wonderfully nostalgic recipe. And mind you, there is absolutely no age limit to eating French toast. So, here it is: make a mixture of 1 egg and 100 ml of milk of your choice, add a little cinnamon. Take two slices of banana bread and dip them in the mixture for about 10 seconds. Meanwhile, heat some butter or oil in the pan and fry the French toast until golden brown on both sides. The French toast is already delicious but top it off with slices of fresh strawberry.

2. Caramelised banana and peanut butter on banana bread toast

Easy, peasy, honey squeezy: this is our all-time favorite without-a-doubt. So easy that you want to make it for your breakfast and afternoon snack: toast two slices of banana bread under the grill. Spread with a little peanut butter and cover with banana slices. Drizzle a little honey on top of the banana and let it caramelize in the oven (grill function) until it turns a little brown. Remove from the oven and for the best experience, serve warm! Sprinkle with some cinnamon if you like it.

3. Chia pudding topped with chunks of banana bread

Are you a real meal prepper and do you have some time left the night before? Make some chia pudding and sprinkle the next day with chopped or crumbled banana bread for that extra flavor. The basis for a good chia pudding consists of 45 grams of chia seeds, 250 grams of milk of your choice, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Mix this and let it rest for 15 minutes. After this, mix once more and leave for a night in the fridge. Make the chia pudding your own by adding your favorite ingredients, for example 2 tablespoons of cocoa (add while mixing), coconut or fruit.

4. Banana bread crumble form the oven

This recipe breaths new life into the basic banana bread! A luxurious-minimum-effort banana bread breakfast that definitely belongs to our favourites. We find this especially perfect on those colder, rainy days.

5. Granola cups made of banana bread granola

Okay, if you are not convinced to get out of bed a little earlier, then we got you one last option. These granola cups may require some effort the night before, but then you can stay in bed longer and eat them on-the-go. Good compromise, right?

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Not needed, but seriously good; Sunt banana bread is the perfect base for toppings, stacking or to turn into a surprising dessert. So you can enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack every single day, while fighting food waste at the same time.

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