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The best banana bread toppings

Banana bread on its own is already super tasty, but with the right toppings you can make it a delicious luxury breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert for yourself. Just think of a valid reason… the trip to the coffee maker, or a treat for even considering to go to the gym.. Small steps matter! Celebrate the positive things in life, especially with good company and heavenly good food.

So for every moment of celebration we share the most delicious banana bread toppings with you. No more wondering what to put on your banana bread ever again:)

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Banana bread toppings for your breakfast

These topping tips are not only suitable for a delicious slice of creamy banana bread, but also very welcome with that utterly boring cracker. You choose!

For that extra energy boost

Spread a nice thick layer of peanut or almond butter on your banana bread and throw a well-deserved layer of sprinkles on top. Hands up for this combo:  peanutbutter with raspberry jam…

Sweet and Salty Banana Bread: marmelade and cheese
Oh so very yummy. What cheese and what jam/marmelade you pick is up to you. But we recommend a marmelade that’s not overly sweet to have a true winning combo!

Banana bread with bacon and egg

This one’s a winner for the big breakfast eaters or for your hungover sunday. Baked, shaken or stirred, you’ve got to try this one!

Banana bread breakfast toast

Okay, admittedly it’s not really a topping for your banana bread. But, fact is that it’s super easy to make and it makes you very happy; fair enough?  Toss your slice of banana bread in a pan or on the sandwich griller, then spread a layer of butter or coconut butter on top. That slice of bread with just Nutella is child’s play compared to this 😉 Even though.. Nutella would also be awesome on this. Or without anything really 😉

Banana bread toppings for your lunch

For everyone that has a job where lunch leaves much to be desired, banana bread comes to the rescue. We know this office struggle all too well. Not tasty, not enough, not healthy. You know what’s up;) But just 2 large slices of banana bread including topping will get you through the day.. promiss!

For both the healthy food and the sinner, we have a nice selection of banana bread toppings for you or your kid for lunch at work, home or school!

Sweet banana bread toppings: yogurt, blueberries & dark chocolate

For all convenience, mix this in a container and take the mixed banana bread topping to work. During your lunch you can then spread, dip, dip, pour.. does it even matter?:P

Cheese is always a good idea
This must be one of the most popular bread toppings ever. The cheese sandwich. Whether it’s grilled or just smacked on, it’s always a good idea. Especially when you swap the bread for banana bread. Weird combo? Definetely not! This sweet and savory combo will surprise you and is also very easy to bring on the go.

Luxury banana bread toppings: salmon, dairy spread & chives

If you think that luxury spreads are only for Italian buns and baguettes, you couldn’t be more wrong. You might not expect it, but this combination will soon be a favorite on your lunch or breakfast list.

Kiddo fillings: date syrup with banana slices

Did your mother ever cut the bread into the well-known cubes of bread, so that you could easily chew it as a yearling? Not very convenient for your kid to bring along, but you secretly still enjoy doing it. Is your child too cool or too old for blocks? That whole slice of banana bread is a perfect on the go snack: preferably with date syrup.

Turn your banana bread into a treat or dessert

With the right toppings, you can also turn your banana bread into a healthy treat. For yourself, for your little ones or for your colleagues. These are our favorites, that make your banana bread a heavenly treat in your tummy.

The right decoration: colored glaze without  E numbers.

Quite favorable if you are able to put food on the table , that doesnt immediately causes everyone’s teeth to fall out.  The most girly recipe you will find on our website really is winner for treats: homemade icing in pink!

Vegan, lactose- and gluten free triple chocolate topping

Lots of special diets in 1 and also very easy to make. Exactly how you like it! Just mix up roasted hazelnuts, melted dark chocolate, sea salt, vanilla extract and maple syrup for a delicious vegan Nutella. Finish it off with grated dark chocolate and some extra melted chocolate for the real chocolate addicts. A guaranteed success!

From this moment on, you never have to ask yourself the question “what do you do on banana bread” again. Same goes for breakfast by the way! Do you have a thing for sweet or savory toppings?

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Not needed, but seriously good; Sunt banana bread is the perfect base for toppings, stacking or to turn into a surprising dessert. So you can enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack every single day, while fighting food waste at the same time.

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