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What we make

The tastiest healthy
banana bread

Almost everyone has tried baking it: banana bread. Great for breakfast and amazing as a snack. Flipside of the coin: mixing, crushing, cutting and baking for an hour, before having to clean up the disaster zone that you used to call your kitchen. That is why we make ready-made banana bread, without added sugar, gluten-free and made from ripe bananas that would otherwise have been thrown away. Just like you would make it at home, but without the mess. From now on, you can effortlessly enjoy a nutritious breakfast or snack and at the same time do your bit to fight food waste. Available at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium!

What we make

Breakfast that makes you happy


This champ consists of more than 45% fruit and is super nutritious. This allows you to do give it your all without getting hangry.

No Added Sugar

Our banana bread gets its natural sweet taste from ripe bananas and dates. This means that there is no need to use any extra sweeteners like honey, syrup or sugar.

Gluten Free

This is because we use alternative types of flour. This is a big benefit because this makes our banana bread suitable for (almost) everyone!


Each year roughly 75 billion bananas are thrown away simply because they are ‘too ripe’. Lucky for us, and those banana’s, these are perfect to upcycle into banana bread.

No butter or oil

If you do it right, banana bread is naturally deliciously creamy. This means that it doesn't need greasy additives.

Easy peasy

Eating healthy is only fun when it is also easy. That' s why our banana breads are available ready-to-eat so you can enjoy your breakfast or snack, right away!
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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy SUNT banana bread?
Our banana bread is available at several Albert Heijn shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. You'll find them at the bakery section or just ask one of the employees. Head over to ''points of sale'' to see where the nearest Albert Heijn is for you.
How long can I store this banana bread?
On the closing clip of the packaging you can see the 'best before' date. This date applies when you keep it in the packaging in the refrigerator. If you cut it into slices, wrap them with tin foil and then freeze it, you can store them for at least 3 weeks.
What does it cost?
A banana bread of 315 grams costs €4.99. With one banana bread you'll have breakfast or a snack for at least a week. With 1 banana bread you save 1 banana from the trash. Instant karma points!
How many bananas are in one loaf?
Per banana bread you save 1 banana from the trash. So keep on eating because we have about 75 billion to save every year! #savethebanana
How did you come up with this?!
Nice question! We'll tell you all about that (and more than you probably ever wanted to know) on our 'what is happening' page.
It's not that cheap. How is that possible if you use otherwise 'wasted' bananas?
We can imagine that €4.99 may seems like quite a lot of moneyvfor a banana bread. But with 5-7 slices out of one loaf, you'll spend less than 1 euro per slice. Also, strangely enough, gluten-free and sustainable products are always more expensive. Has to do with certifications and stuff. And instead of sugar and flour, we use more qualitative ingredients such as almond flour, oatmeal and medjoul dates. Well, that doesn't make it cheaper, but it does make it a lot tastier and a hell of a lot more nutritious. You choose.

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Can you freeze banana bread?
Absolutely! Just cut into slices, pack per slice and put it in the freezer. You can leave that in your freezer for more than a 3 weeks. Although banana bread usually runs out within a week 😉