With coconut and nuts Without added sugar

Banana bread CLASSIC

This classic banana bread with almond flour, oat flour, coconut flakes, and nuts has become almost a classic. We also affectionately call it the “Pilot Model”.

Made from rescued bananas and a great first introduction for anyone who thinks buying banana bread is a better idea than baking, or for those who have never eaten banana bread but would like to try it. For the experienced banana bread eaters among us, this is the perfect base for spreading, dressing or topping. This can't go wrong.

45% fruit No butter or oil Gluten- & dairy free

About the product

Finally, you can buy banana bread in the supermarket! Our classic banana bread is our very first recipe and it’s the flavour that you can use in most ways. It’s not that very basic after all. Yes; it’s free of gluten, lactose, added sugars and butter or oil. But what it does have is coconut flakes and crunchy nuts. In other words; less of the bad, more of the good. It is naturally sweet on its own, moist and it’s the perfect base for a good topping. An all-time favourite. The possibility to buy ready-made bananabread while making a positive impact and without all the hussle in the kitchen. Sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it?

Make about 67 different recipes

Not needed, but seriously good; Sunt banana bread is the perfect base for toppings, stacking or to turn into a surprising dessert. So you can enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack every single day, while fighting food waste at the same time.

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