Easy & healthy on the go No more hangry on the road

CLASSIC single slice

Because healthy snacks on the go are still not up for grabs and because banana bread is the ideal power snack for on the go; single packed banana bread slices.

You can also get our classic banana bread as a single slice. Ideal for trying out our banana bread or for those who -wait till you try it- can't finish a whole banana bread. We can't make it tastier, but we can make it easier. Anyone who finds cutting up slices in the morning too much of a trouble, or those who just want to stay in bed a little bit longer can now find a portion pack of banana bread at one of the AH to go's.

45% fruit No butter or oil Gluten- & dairy free

About the product

Our single slice banana bread is there for the hurried ones, the slumberers & the snackers. A packaged slice of karma points for on the go, for at the office or wherever you want. Healthy, tasty and filling to help you get through the morning or afternoon, or to satisfy that small appetite. Eat it as it is, or top it on the go!

Make about 67 different recipes

Not needed, but seriously good; Sunt banana bread is the perfect base for toppings, stacking or to turn into a surprising dessert. So you can enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack every single day, while fighting food waste at the same time.

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