ASSome! Made from banana bread butts

ASSome granola

ASSome granola that helps you fight double the food waste? Might sound a little bit silly, but our granola is made from rescued banana bread butts and that earns you double the karma points!

Buying granola without unwanted additives sometimes seems like a mission impossinle. Our ASSome granola made from banana bread butts contains no added sugar, butter or oil. And it’s the ultimate proof that food waste really is unnecessary.

45% fruit No butter or oil Gluten- & dairy free

About the product

Food waste is not in our dictionary. Hence our ASSome banana bread granola; made from the butts of our banana bread that can’t be sold as a single packaged slice. In other words, avoiding food waste twice. Nothing BUTT goodness, because we make it without added sugars or oil. Ideal for your yogurt, as a topping on your smoothie bowl or just as a snack.

Make about 67 different recipes

Not needed, but seriously good; Sunt banana bread is the perfect base for toppings, stacking or to turn into a surprising dessert. So you can enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack every single day, while fighting food waste at the same time.

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