17 april 2019

The first real banana bar of Amsterdam

On national banana day, Wednesday 17th of April, SUNT opened the very first real banana bar in the Netherlands. And that had nothing to do with the eponymous bar in the red light district of Amsterdam. We replaced the topless bar for a topping bar, the half-naked ladies made way for people in banana suits and instead of a lap dance you could get a free slice of banana bread. All you had to do was hand in your old or remaining banana at the banana bar. These bananas were used to make the most delicious and responsible banana breads! And we gave them away to a Ronald MC Donald house in Amsterdam. In a fun way we wanted to show that food waste is a serious problem. Together we can work towards a waste-free food industry.

The banana bar on tour!
Because not everyone was able to be there on national banana day, we will be visiting several Albert Heijn shops in to introduce you to sustainable banana bread. From Vlissingen to Amsterdam and from Nijmegen to The Hague. This way you can still get a free slice of banana bread and gain some karma points. With every banana bread we hand out, we save 3 bananas from the trash. So; come and taste the waste!

Roughly 75 billion bananas are thrown away every year. That is almost 50% of all banana production. They are often thrown away because they are too ripe, but when they are too big, too small, too thick, too thin or ‘single’, they regularly end up in the shredder. The people living in the south of the Netherlands would say ‘that’s SUNT’ (That’s a waste!). This waste starts with the farmers, but also in the rest of the food chain (from farmer to your fruit basket) a lot of bananas are lost. SUNT does its bit to reduce the waste of perfectly fine bananas by making banana bread from them.

The banana bar is an initiative of SUNT. We make the most delicious banana bread from bananas that are otherwise thrown away and that is available at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium. Made from (too) ripe bananas, gluten-free and without refined sugar. Good for you and good for the environment. But above all very tasty. Let’s go bananas!

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