Tips for savory banana bread toppings

When you think of banana bread, you automatically think of sweet; dates, fruit, honey, peanut butter … you name it. But did you know that your banana bread can also top very well with all kinds of savory toppings? Also, bonus points for less sugar !  With these tips for the perfect savory banana bread toppings, you can have a healthy savory breakfast or healthy delicious lunch on the table in no time. With emphasis on “in no time”, because not everyone likes to spend an hour in the kitchen before you can eat. #team.always.hungry

The tastiest savory banana bread toppings

Okay, we really have something for all (savory) tastes . From super skinny to super sinny … you choose! This way you can almost vary endlessly with your banana bread. And even though some savory banana bread toppings aren’t necessarily obvious, we’ve tried them all and they’re all delicious! It’s just like the childhood memory, where the best part of a party was decorating your own little cake.. Decorating for adults it is!  Oh, and please feel free to pour 3 liters of whipped cream, chocolate and licorice over your banana bread  when feeling nostalgic again;)

1. Banana bread with goat cheese and walnuts

This one doesn’t require much explanation. It’s no surprise that goat cheese is tasty with something sweet (like honey). Therefore extremely suitable for your banana bread. Oh, and even better when your banana bread is slightly toasted!

2. Banana bread with bacon and egg

Hell yes! Do you know those American pancakes with bacon and scrambled egg? This is even better! Splash a little bit of maple syrup over it and your hangover Sunday starts off just fine!

3. Savory banana bread with brie and apple

Oui, oui! A slice of brie with a slice of apple and an optional drop of honey tastes magnifique with banana bread! Especially if your banana bread is a bit dry, this will seal the deal;)

4. Banana bread with salmon, cream cheese & chives

Might not convince you on first sight, but this combination is an absolute winner! Especially if you’ve made a healthy (read; without added sugar) banana bread with just some nuts or seeds or when using SUNT banana bread of course. YUM!

5. Toasted banana bread with cottage cheese, pesto and grilled vegetables

From the moment you taste toasted banana bread,  you are hooked! We recommend you to toast your banana bread between a grill, or make the slices thin enough that they fit the toaster. The best vegetables to pick from are bell pepper, zucchini, spinach and mushrooms. Drip some pesto over your cottage cheese et voila! Your healthy lunch is served!


Do you also have a great idea for a savory banana bread topping? Let us know below and we ‘ll definitely try it out! More of a sweet tooth? You will love our healthy chocolate banana bread!