Healthy cheese platter with SUNT banana bread

This one is for team savory! We turned a different road, and if we may say so ourselves, this one is a team-favorite! Everyone has their weekly habits, and ours are ‘Thank God It’s Friday-drinks’. But you can’t have drinks without some SNACKS, right?! Our table is filled with bags of crisps, salted nuts, different kind of dips and finger foods, but we normally include our banana bread in every meal as well. And that’s exactly what we did with here. Grab your red wine, maybe even a cozy blanket and try this delicious healthy cheese platter.


And if we might add, those saltine crackers that you might have in your cupboard? That doesn’t bring any flavor to this cheese platter whatsoever. We thought it’s best to share our most delicious combination of cheeses to put on our SUNT banana bread. A combination you will learn to love. You know what to do!

1.Goat’s cheese or sheep’s cheese with pear and lamb’s lettuce or arugula

We’re off to a good start with this one, because we know it’s always a great combination. It almost feels like making a sandwich (which in theory, it is). Try some goat’s cheese with honey, or Feta cheese on some banana bread and you will not know what hit you. You can even add some pear with lamb’s lettuce or arugula to create a flavor bomb that no one can say no to! Oh my, you can almost taste it already!

2. Soft white cheeses with grapes and thyme

These French cheeses like Brie or Camembert are an absolute must on our healthy cheese platter. Especially if you try this awesome combination with our banana bread, grapes and some thyme to bring everything together.

3. Hard cheeses with fruit compote or honey

Are you a fan of hard firm cheeses? Then this one is for you! We put together some banana bread with some slices of very old cheese or Manchego cheese. Put some honey or fruit compote (like apricot, or berry) on top and you have a winner. You’ll be the queen of toppings in no-time!

4. Washed rind cheeses with apple- or raspberry jam

DO TRY THIS AT HOME! The term washed rind cheeses might not ring a bell immediately, but we are certain you have seen these types of cheeses at least once before. Washed rind cheeses like Munster or Epoisses have a striking orange rind, which makes them stand out of the crowd. Not only do they stand out with their appearance, but also in terms of flavor. Try it with some apple- or raspberry jam and these BEAUTIES are ready to be eaten.

Feel like showing off some more? Make your own healthy raspberry jam with chia seeds.

5. Blue cheese with walnuts and dates

Last but not least, but this one is only for the blue cheese lovers out there! These cheeses like Roquefort and Gorgonzola are a great addition to your healthy cheese platter. Add some chopped up walnuts and some dates to really bring all the flavors together. And who knows, maybe we even surprised the non-blue cheese lovers to try it out too!



It almost feels like making a sandwich (which in theory, it is)!”

Starting from now, no more excuses to hold back on indulging on snacks. No more going to the gym the next day to try to get rid of those extra calories. Just enjoy this healthy cheese platter! Let’s do the groceries!



Not a fan of cheese, but a MASSIVE fan of toppings? We don’t mind! Try our healthy sweet toppings for on your banana bread.