Pairing banana bread and fruit is always a great idea, as some of you already know. That’s why this post is for the people who want something else than their usual (fruit) topping. These toppings taste so good on our banana bread, but did you know it tastes even better on a piece of banana bread toast? Say what now? You can make this any way you like! Simply grill it on the grill, in a panini press grill, bake it in the microwave or even cook it in a pan. You name it, we got you! Now you can try these delicious toppings and make your own banana bread fruit toast.

Banana bread fruit toast: the most delicious toppings

1. Piña colada topping

A chilled (alcohol free) piña colada tastes good as a cocktail on the beach, but also as a topping on our banana bread! Take a slice of banana bread and top it with pineapple and coconut whipped cream and you have your own cocktail in a bite!

Can’t find/make coconut whipped cream? Don’t worry, just sprinkle some grated coconut on regular whipped cream.

2. Blueberry, cottage cheese and cinnamon

Feeling blue? Eating this topping gives you back your motivation to conquer the world! Pile some cottage cheese on the banana bread, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and finish with some blueberries. Delicious! And if this doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, just add some honey or syrup and your fruit toast is done!

3. Poached winter topping

This topping requires some additional preparation. We had some poached pears left, but we get that not everyone has some poached pears lying around. Trust us, you have to taste this, because every bite makes you long for winter more and more. Spread a good amount of almond butter on the banana bread, sprinkle some gingerbread spices on top and finish with some slices of poached pear. The only thing you’re missing right now is a cozy blanket wrapped around you, hearing the rain outside and reading a good book. For the win(ter)!

4. Blackberries, quark and honey

This combination is not only beautiful to look at, but also very delicious. Pour some plain quark or vegan yogurt in a bowl, mash the blackberries in the bowl and mix together. Add some honey and your blackberry topping is ready to be eaten! And to fulfill your fruitcraving entirely, top with some fresh blackberries. Your fruit toast doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Apple pie topping

A pie-flavored topping, what can go wrong? Well, unless you’re not a fan of apple pie, because if so, this topping is not for you. Spread some peanut butter on your banana bread and top it with some small pieces of apple. Sprinkle some gingerbread spices or cinnamon on the apple and your own apple pie banana bread is done.

6. Tropical fiësta

This topping with kiwi and grated coconut makes us do our happy dance, that’s how delicious it is! Grab yourself a kiwi, slice it up and lay them on the banana bread. Sprinkle as much grated coconut as you want on top and finish it with a drizzle of peanut butter or chocolate spread. Try to resist this fruit toast!


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