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Ready to eat banana bread

Why is it that can’t you buy ready-made banana bread anywhere? Almost everyone has tried baking it; banana bread. Great for breakfast and awesome as a snack. Flipside of the coin: mixing, crushing, cutting and baking for an hour, before having to clean up the disaster zone that you used to call your kitchen. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it. That is why we decided to make your favorite breakfast and snack readily available to you. This way you the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying your slice.

Plain banana bread with nuts

This is banana bread in its optimum form, like you’ve probably tried baking it yourself at home (or at least attempted to bake it at home). Without added sugar, nuts to get that crunchy bite and some grated coconut for that extra delicious taste. Anyone who has never tasted banana bread probably expects a predominant banana flavor, but that’s not the case. Bananas mainly provide the sweet taste and the smooth structure. It’s kinda like a moist cake, but in this case a healthy one!


Chocolate banana bread

This banana bread, with dark chocolate chunks, is perfect as a responsible snack. There is no added sugar, except for the sugar found in the dark chocolate. That’s why it also makes for a great breakfast without baking mixing or prepping. We can’t turn water into wine, but we can turn cake into breakfast.

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