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Most Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy SUNT banana bread?
Our banana bread is available at the bakery section of a lot of Albert Heijn stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Check soon if your local Albert Heijn is one of them. No Albert Heijn that sells SUNT near you? You can also find it online at or at the service desk of your own Albert Heijn.
When will you be getting more points of sale?
SUNT is growing rapidly! But in order to get more points of sale, a certain amount per store has to be sold. In other words: the more banana bread you eat, the sooner you can find us at your local super market.
How long can I keep your banana bread?
The expiration date can be found on the closing clip. This date is valid for the time you can keep it in your fridge. When you slice up our banana bread and throw them in your freezer. You can keep it fresh for at least a month.
Where do you get your bananas?
The bananas in our banana bread come from a banana farm in Equador. A big part of the unnecessary wasted bananas starts at the grower. We do have big plans to reduce waste in the Netherlands as well. Stay tuned!
On the packaging it says 'without added sugars', but in the nutritional values i do see sugar, how is this possible?
We have not added any sugar to our banana bread. That means that there are only natural sugars present in our banana bread. For example from the ripe bananas or the dates. Now we hear you think: but sugar is just sugar, right ?! One of the biggest differences is that unrefined sugar is absorbed more slowly into your blood because it still contains all the minerals and fiber. And that is not the case with factory-produced sugar. Then you often get that well-known '' sugar rush '' and '' after dinner dip ''.
When will you have more flavors?
Momentarily our banana bread is available in the classic flavor with nuts and coconut and in the flavor chocolate. Besides those, we have some awesome flavors waiting. O and in case you have a great flavor in mind; feel free to share!
How many sleepless nights did it take to hit the store?
Those sleepless nights are still there every now and then .. But, hard work pays off and those extra stores are still being added!
How do you get a product on the super market shelves?!
Phew, good question. Very cliché, but there are several roads that lead to Rome. Of course it starts with a good idea and a strong recipe. Start anywhere. For example at the restaurant around the corner. Let as many people as possible taste it and perfect the recipe. And it never hurts to throw a ball at a supermarket and ask if there is any interest in it. After all, that's how SUNT started.
I have a question that's not listed here
Then it is best to send an email to We can tell endlessly about our trip to the supermarket, our product, the nutritional values, our office dog Emilio and our favorite books.