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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy this banana bread?
You can get yours at several Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands and at Albert Heijn in Belgium. If you want to make sure you don't leave empty handed, please check our points of sale.
How long can I store this banana bread?
On the closing clip of the packaging you can see the best before date. This date applies when you keep it inside the packaging in the refrigerator. If you cut your banana bread into slices and then freeze it, you can keep it for at least a few weeks.
When will there be more flavours?
If it's up to us; very soon! At the moment we are doing a pilot with Albert Heijn. If there is sufficient demand for our products, more flavours will come naturally. And we already have a few very nice ones up our sleeve. If you have any recommendations, holla at your feeder!
Where do the bananas come from?
The bananas that are currently used in the banana bread come from a banana farm in Ecuador. After all, a large part of the unnecessary waste of bananas starts with the farms. We do have big plans to reduce waste in the Netherlands as well. So stay tuned!
When will there be more points of sales?
In order to get more points of sale, we must prove that there are people out there in need of our banana bread. In other words; the more banana bread you eat, the sooner we'll be in your supermarket 😉
How many sleepless nights did it take to get SUNT up and running?
A lot of things go wrong before one goes right. And sometimes that's quite heavy. But the nice thing is, if you really go for something and really believe that it will be okay, then you will get there one way or the other. Do you also suffer from sleepless nights? We do know some good apps that will put you to sleep in no time 😉
The packaging says ''no added sugar'' but the nutritional values do show sugar. What's up with that?!
We didn't add any sugar to our banana bread. That means that only natural sugars are present. These are sugars from the ripe bananas or from the dates. But sugar is just sugar right?! Well..one of the biggest differences is that unrefined sugar is absorbed more slowly in your blood because it contains all the minerals and fibres. And that is not the case with sugar produced in a factory. Then you often get that well-known ''sugar rush'' and ''after dinner dip''.
My question is not here.. what do I do?!
Don't panic! You could send an email to info@suntfood.com. We're more than happy to tell you all about our products, the nutritional values, our office dog Emilio and our favourite books.
Is it possible to order this banana bread online?
Not yet. But we're working hard to make this happen! Stay tuned.