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How it started

From city kitchen to supermarket

Fun fact: Bananas are the most eaten type of fruit worldwide.

Less funny fact: Bananen are also the most wasted type of fruit worldwide.

Each year 150 billion bananas are grown. Around 75 billion of them get wasted for no good reason other than that they are; too big, too small or too ripe. This makes bananas the most wasted food on the planet, while children in third world countries often suffer enormous hunger. As you can imagine, we just had to take action and SUNT was born. Ready-made banana bread made from bananas that would have otherwise been thrown away. Sustainable, without added sugar, and gluten and lactose free. It’s a win win! It’s good for you and good for the environment.

The past year we worked hard on concurring a place in the food industry. Seriously, we could write a bestselling thriller about it (at some point, I probably will!). Our journey to a no-waste food industry started with banana bread, but we’ve got much more up our sleeve. We are well on our way to become ‘zero food waste magicians’’. With the help of our dedicated community, we want to set an example for the entire food industry. Show ‘m how it’s done. Only when bundeling forces we can make a real difference! There is only so much banana bread a single person can eat..